Doing a tech podcast, that you rely on for an income / part of your income, during the news starved summer months must be so tough.

Some of the shows getting put out by big networks / names at the moment is a painful experience. It’s letting me get back around to quite a few audiobooks I had saved up, however …

I’m only about 15% of the way through The Outsider by Steven King and good Lord is it good!

I doubt / worry the rest can’t keep up the excellence of the first few hours, but I’m looking forward to finding out. 📚

Downloading incredibly slowly from and uploading the files to an SSD sure does hammer the iPad Pro battery life. Eek.

Slowly, but surely, my photo backup to an external SSD (via iPadOS) is getting there.

I just have to hope iCloud Photo Library / iCloud Drive doesn’t crap out from this beta before I’m do with it all.

I’ve been really enjoying listening to more audiobooks and less podcasts this year.

My attempt at getting a little fitter is getting there slowly but surely.

I’m not sure if speed is better than distance on a bike, when trying to lose weight, so for now I’m just trying to bump up how far I go. I’m managing a little more each try. It’s moving in the right direction I guess.

Finished reading: The Shining by Stephen King 📚

Currently reading: The Outsider by Stephen King 📚

I really need to start posting more video / podcasts or stop paying twice as much for Micro.Blog than I need to …

Creating physical backups of an iCloud Photo library is far harder than I thought it would be … You can’t drag and drop a large library to an SSD in Files, because you can’t drag many and you can’t send the files to an SSD via the Share Sheet becaue you can only send a random max of 677 files at a time (with a library of 30k+ photos that’s going to be painful).

Daryl on Twitter suggested using Privacy.Apple.Com to request my archive and then store that. That was, I thought, a fantastic idea. I now have a 130GB (ish) library spread across about 10 zip files. This is, in theory, all fine and dandy. The issue is, however, Apple’s servers seem to be insanely slow so it’s taken all night so far to download 1.5 of the files.

This is going to be a long old project, just to simply have an alternative backup to just relying on iCloud Drive alone.

I’m looking for some decent The Legend of Zelda artwork for my study. Does anyone know of any good places to find something like that, that ships to the U.K.?

Are there any CSS experts around at all that can help me with the dark mode support on my site at all? I’ve got it working, sort of, but I just can’t get the blog and post title white / lighter.

Does anyone have any ideas at all?

I’ll have Mr Mercedes 📚 finished today, so I need to decide on my next book. Thinking The Shining, American Gods, or Iron Gold, the 4th Red Rising book.

What do you think?

Does anyone currently running the iPadOS 13 beta know if it’s possible to drag and drop your photos, from, onto an external storage device for backup, at all. I just wanted to see if anyone can verify before I spend out on an SSD.

The iOS app is in desperate need of a dark mode. I believe it’s due for iOS 13s launch. Looking forward to that.

Now my daughter is 5 it felt like a good time to revisit Geocaching. It seems like something she’s really enjoy. It looks like you now have to pay £5 a month to take part (or at least to not have a very limited experience.

Really disappointing.

Is anyone in the community able to help me add dark mode support to my site? By this I mean setting it so the theme changes when macOS or iOS / iPadOS is set to dark / light mode.

My attempt to get a little fitter has shown some minor improvements a couple of days in. I’ve not been on a bike for quite some time so it’s slow progress, but progress nonetheless…

Connect all the things!

 Maps in iOS 13 is looking very nice. I’m looking forward to Look Around rolling out to the U.K. The cars are roaming around the U.K. for the next month or two, so it’s on it’s way at least.

I’ve bought so many games for iOS over the years and not got around to playing them much. In anticipation for Oceanhorn 2 on  Arcade I’m finally playing the first one.

Despite its age, it looks pretty great on the iPad and iPhone XS Max.

I know AR isn’t most people’s cup of tea, but in the right situation I think it’s pretty compelling. I’d love some AR glasses for directions and the like.

Am I alone in really looking forward to  Arcade? I can’t wait to throw a bit more money at Apple …

Does anyone know of a good iOS fitness apps that can track the route your run / ride a bike, that doesn’t have a privacy policy like Strava and this one …

Getting Back On The Bike 🚲

I’ve finally had enough of complaining about being overweight and unfit I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve ordered a new bike1 in an effort to finally change things around. I’d considered sharing my starting weight and progress so the public shaming could keep me honest, but I’ll hold back on that for now.

Regardless … wish me luck! I’ve no idea how good riding is for the chronically unfit, but we’ll see soon I guess!

  1. The first bike I’ve owned in about 20 years to be honest. [return]