Currently reading: The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates 📚

Finished reading: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson 📚

It’s not all that exciting, but I’m happy with my current iOS Homescreen setup. And, yes, attempt number 4,383 at getting into the Drafts app.

As if we needed more proof, but  Arcade really highlights how much IAPs can turn a decent game into trash, and also how the lack of said IAPs can make a mediocre game pretty great.

The navigation bar is getting a bit crowded now, but I’ve added a dedicated section for my daily  Arcade reviews to my site.

Micro.Blog sites don’t include any search capabilities1 so even after 6 reviews it’s starting to get difficult to find the reviews. Perhaps having a dedicated section / page will help.

If you’re finding these reviews helpful / interesting feel free to let me know.

  1. Which is one of the few things I dislike about the service actually. [return]

If you only ever read one book series in your life, make it Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. You’ll die a better / happier person. 📚

I’m really liking the super wide angle (‘.5x’) lens on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve not had a chance to take anything particularly share worthy yet, but I think it’s going to be fun to experiment with.

I’m loving the new stock wallpapers on the new iPhones. Snazzy!

Currently reading: Pet Sematary by Stephen King 📚

While the fact both screens have to be on, and they’re just duplicating each other, it’s still quite enjoyable to hook my iPad Pro up to my 4K monitor and use a mouse and Magic Keyboard to use it. Even with the annoying border, it’s not too bad!

Finished reading: The Stand by Stephen King 📚

Just kill me …

Gaming on iOS has really gone up a notch recently. The iPad Pro is taking up more and more of my Switch time.

Just a quick PSA to let those of you that have kindly subscribed to my podcast. I’ve recently migrated the hosting over to Micro.Blog. If you subscribed via iTunes previously, or Overcast, this link should now be picking up from the new RSS feed.

If, however, you subscribed directly through the old RSS feed, you will need to subscribe again, I’m afraid, via the new RSS feed.

Please note that, due to the fact the audio file needs to be attached to posts, the show notes formatting is a bit iffy1, but who reads them anyway, right?

Thanks in advance if you do move over!

  1. Though I think the posts on the blog look pretty, at least. [return]

I can’t resist constantly changing my iPadOS wallpaper. They all look so tasty.

It’s strange that Mail isn’t included here as well, but it’s a good start …

I guess this is as close to AirPower we’re going to get …

I’ve got a few hours to myself this morning. How do I spend this precious time alone? Trip to Starbucks and an Apple Store of course …

I think Apple need to rethink their whole ‘scan and pay for an item from your phone and walk out’ system. Ice been questioned about this the last two occasions I’ve done this, including today. Being made to feel like a criminal when you’ve over spent on some of their products doesn’t make you feel all that great.

£8.60 for 2 Cokes? Geeeez.

While I’m finding the iOS Homescreen really boring right now, I’m really loving the iPadOS one. I didn’t think widgets on the Homescreen would make all that much difference but I’m liking it a lot.

Because Brydge made sending the Brydge Pro 12.9 back as difficukt aa possible, I kept it and do keep trying to get along with it, with limited success.

The hardware itself is great. It looks great, it’s quite nice to type on and certainly does what it says on the tin, but I find that putting it on completely destroys the whole benefit of using an iPad Pro instead of a MacBook in the first place.

As soon as I put the Smart Keyboard Folio back on the iPad is, once again, extremely nimble, flexible, yet powerful. The main benefit I’ve got, so far, from the Brydge keyboard is to highlight to me just how good the Smart Keyboard Folio is.

It kind of blows my mind that some bloggers and podcasters that make a living of at least trying to convince readers / listeners they are experts on all things Apple genuinely believe1 that Apple will delay the launch of the next iPhone if, and it’s a big of, iOS 13 isn’t ready for a public release.

The insistence on using the term delayed when we don’t even know when it’s due in the first place, is just another part of the annoyance.

I’ve no idea why I follow Apple blogging / podcasting anymore.

  1. At least I think they believe it. I’m sure at least half of them are doing it for the clicks. [return]

I don’t use it that much, but when I need it, the Brydge Pro keyboard is pretty beastly.

It’s that time of the year again … time for another Red Dwarf rewatch.

I’ve given up all hope of my iOS Homescreen not looking like garbage these days.

I’m really bored with looking at it now.