I would imagine no one is subscribed anymore, but I need to get a new podcast episode recorded. Unbelievably I’ve not done one for almost two months. Ideas for what to talk about m, however, have been pretty baron.

Any ideas welcome!

Thank you for those of you that have kindly made some suggestions on how I can tweak the look of my site. Following on from kind feedback I’ve:

  • Tidied up the page footer.
  • Removed some of the menu items (link to micro-blog posts,  Arcade, Podcast etc.)
  • Reduced the ‘whiteness’ of the light theme. It’s now an off-white (#f6f6f6 for anyone interested).

Tiny things, though I think it looks a tiny bit better. I still need to fix the archive page, however, though I’m not sure anyone ever goes there.

Now I really need to concentrate on actually posting stuff …

In an effort to satiate my desire to completely change my theme I’ve made a couple of small tweaks to my blog. The most noticeable is the removal of the over-stuffed navigation menu names, which have been replaced by some emoji.

I know this makes it a lot harder to understand, but I’d be surprised if they were being interacted with anyway, so we’ll see how this goes. It looks a bit nicer I think.

If any of you read my blog, what would you change / improve about it’s design?

Do you think the colours could do with a tweak? Smaller images? Different Fonts? Less Menu items? Does it load too slowly? Anything at all, please feel free to share.

Please don’t worry about offending me, I’m thick skinned and I’m also keen to improve it. I know it’s very basic currently, and I need to focus on improving the content first and foremost, but a good looking site can’t hurt as well.

A slight iPad homescreen tweak. While the widgets on the homescreen do seem like quite a small addition, they do open up a lot more flexibility than before.

Does anyone have a good setup / Shortcut to streamline some journaling to the iOS Notes app at all? Preferably something that formats the entry in some fancy way. I know Day One is a superior way of journaling, but I’m just exploring if there’s a decent stock option.

Dear @gr36. Thanks for making me hate my blog theme and for getting down hearted that I have no ability to fix it. Before you ask, no he wasn’t being mean, he’s just showing my stock theme up by how good his looks on his blog.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve got quite a few ideas for posts in my list. Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, however, are conspiring together to put blockers in my path, preventing me from actually putting pen to paper (or finger to … key?)

My micro review of the first episode of See: 🤚😛.

Eek 😂

Currently reading: The Hard Way by Lee Child 📚

Finished reading: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch 📚

I’m sorry to repeat myself, but … 😍

You know when you’re not blogging enough when you start to want to change your design …

I blame @gr36 for having a new look and @mattbirchler always having a great look …

If there’s anyone out there still following me for my blogging, I’m sorry posts have been few and far between for a while. It’s been a busy couple of months I’m afraid.

I’m hoping to get ’back on the wagon’ soon!


That’s £100 I’ll never see again then.

I’m enjoying having some simple Siri Shortcuts on my Homescreen. They’re pretty useful.

Currently reading: The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates 📚

Finished reading: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson 📚

It’s not all that exciting, but I’m happy with my current iOS Homescreen setup. And, yes, attempt number 4,383 at getting into the Drafts app.

As if we needed more proof, but  Arcade really highlights how much IAPs can turn a decent game into trash, and also how the lack of said IAPs can make a mediocre game pretty great.

The navigation bar is getting a bit crowded now, but I’ve added a dedicated section for my daily  Arcade reviews to my site.

Micro.Blog sites don’t include any search capabilities1 so even after 6 reviews it’s starting to get difficult to find the reviews. Perhaps having a dedicated section / page will help.

If you’re finding these reviews helpful / interesting feel free to let me know.

  1. Which is one of the few things I dislike about the service actually. [return]

If you only ever read one book series in your life, make it Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. You’ll die a better / happier person. 📚

I’m really liking the super wide angle (‘.5x’) lens on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve not had a chance to take anything particularly share worthy yet, but I think it’s going to be fun to experiment with.

I’m loving the new stock wallpapers on the new iPhones. Snazzy!