Evening stroll to clear the mind

The bench at the end of the world


It’s strange that Mail isn’t included here as well, but it’s a good start …

I guess this is as close to AirPower we’re going to get …

I’ve got a few hours to myself this morning. How do I spend this precious time alone? Trip to Starbucks and an Apple Store of course …

I think Apple need to rethink their whole ‘scan and pay for an item from your phone and walk out’ system. Ice been questioned about this the last two occasions I’ve done this, including today. Being made to feel like a criminal when you’ve over spent on some of their products doesn’t make you feel all that great.

£8.60 for 2 Cokes? Geeeez.

While I’m finding the iOS Homescreen really boring right now, I’m really loving the iPadOS one. I didn’t think widgets on the Homescreen would make all that much difference but I’m liking it a lot.

Because Brydge made sending the Brydge Pro 12.9 back as difficukt aa possible, I kept it and do keep trying to get along with it, with limited success.

The hardware itself is great. It looks great, it’s quite nice to type on and certainly does what it says on the tin, but I find that putting it on completely destroys the whole benefit of using an iPad Pro instead of a MacBook in the first place.

As soon as I put the Smart Keyboard Folio back on the iPad is, once again, extremely nimble, flexible, yet powerful. The main benefit I’ve got, so far, from the Brydge keyboard is to highlight to me just how good the Smart Keyboard Folio is.

It kind of blows my mind that some bloggers and podcasters that make a living of at least trying to convince readers / listeners they are experts on all things Apple genuinely believe1 that Apple will delay the launch of the next iPhone if, and it’s a big of, iOS 13 isn’t ready for a public release.

The insistence on using the term delayed when we don’t even know when it’s due in the first place, is just another part of the annoyance.

I’ve no idea why I follow Apple blogging / podcasting anymore.

  1. At least I think they believe it. I’m sure at least half of them are doing it for the clicks. [return]

I don’t use it that much, but when I need it, the Brydge Pro keyboard is pretty beastly.

It’s that time of the year again … time for another Red Dwarf rewatch.

I’ve given up all hope of my iOS Homescreen not looking like garbage these days.

I’m really bored with looking at it now.

I’ve lost so many posts here because the iOS app crashes constantly when deleting things in iOS 13. I really should learn my lesson and use Drafts to write things up for a while …



You’d have to be insane not to buy this, especially at this price.

The dark mode in the micro.blog iOS app can’t ship soon enough. Being in dark mode across the whole OS and then launching the micro.blog app is not good for my retinas.

‪Britain is about to sink when it leaves the EU, gun nuts are running rampant, kids are being locked in cages … BUT WHAT IF IOS 13 IS LATE OR …. WHAT IF MY IPHONE SHIPS A MONTH LATE?!?!?!?!?! 🙄 ‬

I still love my one and only iTunes review I’ve ever received … > … You are traffic

I want that line on a T-Shirt.

What's in a name?

One of the big questions I asked myself before moving my blog from Wordpress to Micro.Blog recently was ‘what would I call it?’ The name The Dent was kindly offered up to me by Zac Cichy after I tweeted about wanting to find some kind of identity to my tech blogging. The fact I didn’t come up with it myself frees me to say that I, personally, think it’s a pretty great name. While the name could mean many things, the six colour header and quote mark it as clearly Apple / Tech related.

The other alternative was to use AndyNicolaides.com, which I still own, but am not currently using. The unfortunate thing about this is my name is a bit of a mess1 and it would never stick in people’s minds for long, and if it did they’d soon forget how to spell it. It goes without saying that if you can’t spell a domain name, you certainly wont be going there very much2. The one benefit this name did have, however, was that it was clearly mine. I don’t say this because I need or want people to know the site is by me, but it does speak to a site that is fairly subject agnostic. While much of what makes me, me is technology based, I like to think there’s more to me. I like to read, I like to watch films, take photographs, listen to music to name a few. I would also like to share some of these interests and thoughts I have on them on my blog.

My issue, which is completely on me, don’t get me wrong, is that I feel I’ve painted myself into a bit of a corner with the name The Dent. While I have a love for technology, I don’t always want to talk or think about it. I feel that the name of this blog gives off a certain expectation, however. This feeling has held me back from posting more often, and of varying topics.

As you would have seen if you follow or subscribe to this blog3 I post very little currently. A lot of it has come down to the fact that many things I think about writing don’t get beyond a planning stage before I tell myself it just wouldn’t fit on my blog.

This rambling post is both my promise, and first step, towards breaking this self-imposed limitation I’ve put upon myself. Believe me, I’m well aware this is a very over the top way of doing such a thing, but like I said this is more for me, to just get a post up and to break the habit, or lack thereof, of limiting myself to tech posts.

While I still think the name I’ve chosen doesn’t really reflect a personal blog which will include book reviews, my publically shared photography4 and more, it’s what it is for now.

The thing I need to remember is that no one is really reading this blog and it’s not going to be anyone’s first port of call for hot takes, be they tech related or not. This is a blog for sharing a few things that interest me, nothing more or nothing less. I need to start posting and stop being concerned about what I post about.

Thanks for attending my TED Talk.

  1. It’s okay, I’ve had the name long enough that I can admit to that. [return]
  2. Yes, I know most people use RSS and / or bookmarks, but that’s beside the point for now. [return]
  3. Which I’m both humbled, and mystified by if this is the case. [return]
  4. Now that I’ve essentially dropped Instagram, this is my main way of sharing photos online. [return]

Minecraft World (the AR game) is both weird, and strangely compelling.

The light gamification of  Books and Activities has really struck a cord with me.

For  Books I’ve set a low 5 minute a day target, which 99% of the time is beaten by a fair way. Prior to this addition to Books I would go weeks without reading / listening to something. My time spent listening to podcasts has taken a big hit, which works for me.


‪For years now I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast where I just read the first chapter of a different book each week, out loud. That’s the whole idea.

It wouldn’t work and I’m probably not even allowed to do it … but I still kind of want to … ‬

Now that the  Card is rolling out I’ve seen quite a few comments around about Apple promoting getting into debt. That seems like a fairly large leap.

No one needs to apply and / or use this card if they don’t want to for a start. If you take out a credit card and max it out, and have issues paying, it’s likely that would have happened regardless. I have more hot takes, but I’ve bored myself already 😊